Relocation Revamped.

Helping You Find Your Way.

We’ll do for you what we wish someone had done for us when we relocated. From tours of the Alachua County area to sharing info about neighborhoods and housing opportunities.

We’ll discuss area development.

Take parents to interview schools
and daycare centers.

Connect newcomers with potential
employers, doctors, lawn maintenance
companies, hair stylists.

and more!

It’s our way of saying, “Welcome to Gainesville!”


Like many others who have moved to Gainesville on a “temporary” basis, we were surprisingly hooked and fell in love with this part of North Central Florida nearly two decades ago. Multicultural, diverse, and incredibly friendly with an abundance of natural resources, terrific parks and recreation, festivals, farmers’ markets, museums, theaters, sporting events, medical facilities and more, Gainesville is one of Florida’s treasures.

The number one reason, though, why this is a great place to live is the people. From the everyday folks who smile at you as they open your door to innovators in labs paving the future of medicine to entrepreneurs who turn problems into opportunities: these are the people who you will meet – and fall in love with – in the Gainesville area.



We are eager to answer your questions and provide support whenever you may need it. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time.