UF and Shands

Typical of college towns, the area surrounding the main UF campus is filled with energy, co-eds, bars, restaurants, and nearly as many scooters as Rome! The real estate market in that area is teeming with student rentals, ranging from 6 bedroom homes to 1 bedroom apartments. The older residential areas date back to the 1940s or so, but during the past decade, and specifically during the past 3-5 years, many older dwellings have been demolished and replaced with luxury student housing that rivals a grand Las Vegas resort. With rooftop swimming pools, fitness centers, and well-appointed common areas, these apartments (and their residents) are the envy of non-students and students alike.

On the south side of campus is the Shands medical complex. It includes a Level 1 trauma center and general hospital, as well as cardiovascular, cancer, children’s, neurological disorders, dental and oral surgery, veterinary, and veteran’s hospitals. Needless to say, this area, which flanks about a mile of Archer Road and spills onto the university’s campus and beyond, is buzzing 24/7.