Jonesville /

Town of Tioga


Too far west to be considered Gainesville and too far east to really be Newberry proper, this slice of the Gainesville metro has become its own little town. Considered to be the fastest growing area in Alachua County, it’s hard to turn your head without seeing a new commercial building, apartment complex, or housing development popping up.

Everything is steps away, whether you need an emergency room or a routine doctor’s visit, want a gallon of designer paint or a pair of designer pants, or desire a quick bite or a cup of coffee, you won’t have to travel more than 5 minutes to get it. Homesites are typically small and the neighborhoods are large, boasting hundreds of single family homes, town houses, and apartments.

Jonesville’s growth is not showing signs of slowing down, and it will likely continue to grow for years to come.