Celebration Pointe and Butler Plaza

Right at the intersection of Archer Road and I-75 sit twin commercial behemoths that have seen an explosion of growth since 2017. Celebration Pointe and Butler North, along with the long-standing Butler Plaza area that spans from I-75 to 34th Street, have experienced such immense growth in the past three years that anyone who hasn’t visited the area recently will likely get lost.

West of I-75 is Celebration Pointe, which offers a mix of residential and commercial real estate, Class A office space, lodging, and dining options and is quickly becoming a destination for locals and visitors alike. With a luxury movie theater, a town square with a giant fire pit, outdoor seating, and free concerts, and a host of restaurants and dessert shops, this is a great spot for date night, girls’ night, and family night alike. New luxury urban townhomes in the $600k range are available, and luxury condos and apartments are under construction.

Connected by a bridge over I-75 that was built specifically to connect the two areas is Butler North, which sits on the east side of the highway. Here you’ll find nearly every chain restaurant you can dream of, as well as big-box retailers like Walmart, Sam’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and dozens more. Keep heading east and you’ll find Butler Plaza and Butler Town Center. Butler Town Center is the newest of the three, and it offers a bevy of higher-end retail, such as a Whole Foods, Sephora, and an REI (under construction, coming soon), and boutique shops, as well as popular restaurants like PF Chang’s and The Cheesecake Factory, with new shops and restaurants being added almost weekly. Residential options will also be coming in 2020, which will add to the live, work, play experience.