143rd Street


All roads lead to Rome…and possibly also to the 143rd St. Corridor! This scenic road, which runs north to south, connects Alachua to Gainesville to Newberry and is the end point for major thoroughfares such as Millhopper Road, 39th Avenue, and Newberry Road. Lined with stunning farmland and towering moss-filled trees, the 143rd St. Corridor is sparsely dotted with gated subdivisions that boast multi-acre homesites. Just south of its intersection with 39th Ave., as one heads to Jonesville/Newberry, you’ll find that the population is denser and the homesites are smaller, as are some of the price tags. If you want the convenience of Jonesville without having to pay a premium for a neighborhood off Newberry Road, then you’ll want to consider the southern part of the 143rd St. Corridor.

Whether you’re looking for an isolated equestrian compound or a charming home with lots of neighbors, you’re likely to find it somewhere along the 143rd St. Corridor.